Monday, May 08, 2023

Middleweight is calling me

I am exactly twelve stone this morning; the weight Canelo Alvarez met John Ryder at over the weekend.*

This is officially the lightest I have been since I started recording my weight regularly at the beginning of 2007. I was a cruiserweight then, just two pounds within the limit. Got down to 12 stone 7 (light heavyweight) in May 2016 though it did creep back up, and now I am a super middleweight. Hardly a precipitous decline is it when you put it like that. Middleweight beckons at 11 stone 6, then super welterweight at eleven stone on the dot. I am not on a diet. If I do ever boil down another fourteen pounds I will not want to lose any more. I seem to remember that is what I weighed in University.

*Didn't Ryder do well? Lost a unanimous decision but finished the stronger fighter after going down in the fifth. "A moral victory," says the commentator at the end on the highlights reel above and I agree.

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