Monday, September 24, 2007

Next Steps

Now that the Swansea 10k is out of the way, I've decided to rethink my training programme to keep it fresh for the last quarter of the 2007. Come 2008 I imagine I'll be retooling to get in shape for the Childline Challenge again.

For the last few months, while reserving Mondays for Muay Thai and Thursdays for swimming I've broadly been following a day's weight training with a day of cardio vascular exercise.

Next - while maintaining the Thai boxing and swimming bookends in the programme - I want to look at combining cardio and strength exercises, while perhaps also saving time, by using short, high intensity free weight circuits and interval training. The inspiration is in this article by Mark Twight.

I've tried out some of these ideas and concluded that - reasonable as it sounds - this style of training is a lot easier said than done. An investment in a puke bucket may be wise and I will ease myself into it.

Christmas Eve being three months from today, I also remind myself in advance that "it's not what you do during the Christmas to New Year interregnum that's important, it's what you do between New Year and Christmas". Take it easy for a week or so.

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John said...

Hmm, he if even more fanatical than you !
What is your planned routine - I will attempt to virtually join you.