Thursday, September 13, 2007

11 forms of alien life are circling the world

A few days ago I stumbled upon a station at 104.4 FM on my car radio. I've been listening to it whenever I'm driving ever since. It is as mad as a box of frogs. Yesterday afternoon there was a show that seemed to consist entirely of 1950s monster movie trailers.

I've tracked it down via Google this morning, it is Resonance FM, it seems to be in trouble, and there is a Real Audio stream at

Nick Cohen, discovered it earlier:
To Resonance, London’s most endearingly eccentric radio station. From a cramped studio above a Soho Tandoori it broadcasts the weirdest playlist on the planet. If you are yearning for the best of Germany’s “electronic krautrock utopia” or “the different forms of Albanian music, art and culture,” then all that – and much, much more – is there for you at 104.4 FM or on-line on the Net. I was on its political programme and afterwards I asked if it was Resonance’s most popular talk show. “Oh no,” said the interviewer. “Our number one show investigates UFOs. I say ‘investigates’ but we do nothing of the sort. Last week the potty presenter put this killer question to his equally bonkers guest: “OK we agree that 11 forms of alien life are circling the world, but tell me: how many of them are reptilian?’”

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