Saturday, September 22, 2007


The Profit Burglar has signed up for Sting for Nolte, though we're going along to Theatre 503 on Wednesday rather than King's College School on Monday.

Casting around for further things (other than laughing at dead fish) to do and see, I've come across Lady Hamilton's Attitudes which is on at the Chapter House on October 9 as part of the new Wimbledon Book Festival.

Kate Williams, author of England's Mistress: the Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton, takes the audience back to 18th Century London and Naples. Emma began as a young dancer in brothels and shows, and when she became a Lady, she set London and Naples on fire with her performance of Attitudes, classical poses in see-through dress. Sophie Edmonds, from the troupe the Lady Greys, performs the Attitudes - and shows why visitors from Goethe to the English Prince of Wales were so transfixed.

Exotic tableaux such a the Attitudes are surely part of the lineage that culminated in the Windmill Theatre's cheeky revues in London in the 1930s. (I also seem to remember Beachcomber's rascally Captain Foulenough vulgarly disrupting a similar uplifting exhibition in one of his disreputable escapades.) Who could have imagined that Lady Hamilton was an inspiration?

Will you be joining me at the venue next month?

Dress code: chiffon.

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