Friday, September 21, 2007

Where is thy death?

Sting for Nolte is the tragic tale of Dr Allen Malcolm, a young philosopher whose fiancee gives him tickets to a Sting concert.

Malcolm is caught. Should he lie and tell her that he's delighted? Can he really continue to love anyone who likes Sting?

Our hero then conceives of a solution. If Sting were to remake all of Nick Nolte's films, he would suddenly become likeable. Dr Malcolm could then be happy about going to the concert and still marry the woman of his dreams.

...Simple, or so he thinks!

I'm pretty sure that I read in the paper last night, that this fine sounding play is on somewhere around here on Monday night. I can't find any details online, but if it is that is where I will be.

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Nick Browne said...

"They're only cheques I've left unsigned in the banks of chaos in my mind."

That was the lyric that made me draw my own line in the sand with regard to Mr Sumner.