Sunday, September 09, 2007


Dr. Strabismus (whom God Preserve) of Utrecht is to launch Channel 4 minus 1 which will allow viewers to see Channel 4's programmes one hour before they're on Channel 4.

"The channel is an exact replica of Channel 4’s schedule that is simply one hour in advance," the good Doctor has explained. "It will allow viewers to check out shows sixty minutes early, which will give them plenty of time to make sure they don't miss any programmes that happen to tickle their fancy when they are broadcast an hour later."

In a related development Strabismus Laboratories has pre announced a 'battery powered Channel 4 branded fancy tickler' that will be launched in time for Christmas, along with a 'leather grape', 'a revolving wheelbarrow', and 'a hollow glass walking stick for keeping very small flannel shirts'.

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