Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wii the people

I learned from the BBC yesterday that Nintendo's Wii console outsold Sony's PlayStation 3 in Japan last month by six to one.

My little boy had a friend around to tea after school yesterday, and when we walked him home a little after seven, his dad (it was this dad and friend to be precise) offered me a social glass of red and broke out - by a happy chance - the controllers for the Wii that they had just bought.

The four of us played bowling and golf matches on WiiSports. It was great. The motion sensitive controller is a marvelous thing. I imagine that WiiSports boxing after a few drinks would be carnage. I'm not surprised that it is taking the world by storm.

The New Ninja Bomber has now issued an official request for a Nintendo Wii, also stipulating that I am not to drop it on his foot as I did when unveiling the XBOX 360 at his last birthday.

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