Monday, July 30, 2007

Spider Pig

Spider Pig, Spider Pig
Does whatever a Spider Pig does.
Can he swing from a web?
No he can't because he's a pig.

Look Out!
Here comes the Spider Pig

I did my bit at the Rainbow Trust Painting Marathon 2007, and produced a masterpiece inspired by the Simpsons movie. Amazingly I also managed to purchase it for posterity in the auction at 4pm.

Further Research Particle Man, "They Might Be Giants", Flood (1990):

Universe Man, Universe Man
Size of the entire universe man
Usually kind to smaller men
Universe Man

He's got a watch with a minute hand
Millennium hand and an eon hand
And when they meet it's a happy land
Powerful man, Universe Man

Person Man, Person Man
Hit on the head with a frying pan
Lives his life in a garbage can
Person Man

Is he depressed or is he a mess?
Does he feel totally worthless?
Who came up with Person Man?
Degraded man, Person Man

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