Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Second Wind

The next youngest guy in his class was half his age. They must have thought he was some far-out old man humping it over that course. I did it when I was 19 and it damn near wasted me.

Words from Apocalypse Now came unbidden to my mind when I woke up on Tuesday morning after a hard session of Muay Thai on Monday night. My hamstrings in particular were on fire after a lot of stretching, kicking and conditioning.

I still went to the gym at lunchtime for a quick run and some SMR, and met Mark - one of the trainers - in the changing rooms. I've seen him around, and nodded, but I haven't had a chat with him for a while so I was surprised and pleased that he remembered when he asked me how I had got on in my triathlon from a few months back.

Speaking of triathlons, I'm not going to do the Afan Forest Park Off Road in August after all. Maturin can't do it because of family commitments, and my brother John has pulled out because he's going to a wedding. It seems a long way to travel (and travel back from) to do the event on my own, but it is a measure of how much exercise is simply part of my life now that I will carry on training as if I was going to do it, do a virtual version of the course in Virgin on August 11, and then swap to preparing for September's 10k road race in Swansea.

If your going to get obsessive about something, I guess working out is one of the least harmful.

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