Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nice Pear

The New Ninja Bomber is a great fan of pears, so I've usually got a bag of them on the go in the house at any particular time. The trouble with pears though, is that they only seem to stay ripe for about five minutes before they start to go off. Here's the solution:

Peel the pears
slice in half length ways
remove the pips
lob in slow cooker
cover in red wine
add sugar, cinnamon, and cloves
cook on low over night.
remove the pears, allow them to cool and refrigerate.
sieve the poaching liquid, reduce over a high heat, and reserve.
They'll be quite happy in the fridge for a few days. Ideally, serve glazed with the sauce, plus whipped cream piped from that aerosol can you got in for your last sleepover, you saucy beast.

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