Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lenny The Giant

Hundreds are expected to attend the funeral of a colourful Merton man who was greatly loved in the showbiz world and beyond.
Dwarf Lenny Fowler, known as Lenny the Giant, most recently lived in Marlborough Road, Colliers Wood.
He died unexpectedly after collapsing last month at the age of 51.
A born performer, Lenny decided to pursue his dream when he grew miserable as a teenager working on a factory floor in New Malden.
He went on to enjoy a varied career in entertainment, and his CV includes stints as a clown, an Elvis impersonator, and a missile in the sport of dwarf throwing.

I was on nodding terms with Lenny Fowler, just from passing in the street as we lived so near to each other, but I had no idea he was such a colourful character, or indeed that he was in show business at all. I'm sorry to hear that he is gone.

Speaking of colouful characters, who are those twin girls that I keep seeing all around Colliers Wood who are always dressed (a) identically, and (b) as if there are off for an audition to be in a Eurovision Song Contest band? They're starting to scare me.


chris said...

I double dare you to get photo's of said twins & post them here >:)

Nick Browne said...

There's photos of them on the wall in the Colliers Tup taken at a party, otherwise I might start thinking I imagined them.