Thursday, July 05, 2007

Odds and Ends

The Profit Burglar and I went to the launch of Dave Saxby's book in the Chapter House after work yesterday, an event which - with Gatsbyesque elan - he didn't actually attend himself.

Thence, fortified with a take away from the reliable Colliers Wood Tandoori, back to my gaff to set up a Media Center PC under the TV. The main reason for this is that Paul has finished a first pass at the program to play "backed up" DVDs that I trailed here, but it has also struck me that it will be no bad idea to have a computer in that slot domestically with the BBC due to launch its Interactive Media Player later this month.

Though we could fine tune the interface, Paul's software works a treat for navigating and viewing content. It struck me this morning as I was walking to work, that if I set up a version of it that catalogued only the New Ninja Bomber's DVDs, and moved the XBOX 360 to his room he could have pushbotton access to all his favourites with the XBOX talking to the PC via Microsoft's Media Extender technology. This will require a network upgrade of some sort. Probably best to get a gigabit hub and run a Cat 5 cable between the ground and first floor.

I also took the opportunity once we were set up to navigate the Media Center Guide to More4 at 8pm on Sunday and set it to record The West Wing, now and for the rest of the run. I missed "Ways and Means" in series 3 a couple of weeks ago to add to these omissions, but with any luck I shouldn't miss any more.

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