Friday, July 06, 2007

Link Blogging Theatre

I'm supposed to have a chat with Mark Marlowe of The Wheelhouse Theatre Company about helping them out online, so I had a bit of a noodle around to find examples I could use to explain my ideas. I was surprised - and my vanity not a little pricked - to find most of them already up and running elsewhere.

The Royal National Theatre - for example - publishes RSS feeds, puts out podcasts, has a Facebook presence (registration required), and a YouTube channel.

That is pretty much a clean sweep of relevant examples of Web 2.0 conduits for reaching the public.

I also think that it is vital in the 21st Century to be the curator of your own online archives. This will become increasingly important as developments like the semantic web spread their tendrils through bodies of knowledge, but at the moment it is enough to understand that the more that you publish about your corporate endeavours the more likely it is that relevant Google searches will find you.

Much to my astonishment Sir Ian McKellen has got the drop on this at in a project that is already a decade old.

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