Monday, June 06, 2005

Shock Mom and Dad ......

........ Become a Neo-Nazi

I've been brooding more about yesterday's post. In this age we live under the shadow of an orthodoxy. And we're oppressed by an orthodoxy because everyone in every age always is. What particularly siticks in my craw now that the Establishment is run by the Me generation, is that they refuse to own up to to this and admit that they are the grown ups now.

This has been going on for a long time, I particularly remember Jeff Daniels' turn as the yuppie "rebel who's only channeled his rebellion into the mainstream," nearly 20 years ago in 1986's Something Wild, and certainly long enough for the law of unintended consequences to kick in, as the following story from Germany attests.

German young people, faced with liberal parents who are tolerant about sex, drugs and rock and roll, are increasingly rebelling by turning to right-wing extremism. Neo-nazi fashion, music and ideology have become an ever important part of German youth culture.

Where did this "German" image come from? It's hard to say who the first person was to show up to a party in a Lonsdale shirt, curse "the Russians" or download the latest CDs by Bremen's Germanic renegade heavy metal band Kategorie C.

But Christian, Stefan and Andy don't really care ..........
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