Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ego, Superego, ID cards

To think that only last Friday I was writing, "as regards ID cards, I'm not familiar with the details of the proposals yet but I just cannot imagine how they can possibly work in practice". Who would have imagined that a "dapper dog singing and the cutest puppy pianist on the planet" would take it upon themselves to explain it to the world and to give me a chance to practice publishing flash animations directly onto the weblog.

This is great. I wonder if I can find some work for Ecelectech and Mr Doghorse. They Will Flash for Cash.

The world today is filled with villains stealing one's identity
And terrorists intent on acts of violent extremity
Our citizens are prisoners, our criminals at liberty
Our nation at the mercy of felonious proclivity
Our very own Home Secretary will rebuild our society
A model of sagaciousness and picture of propriety
It's patent that protection of the future of humanity
Relies on Mr Clarke to put an end to this insanity!

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