Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Newsgator - the Outlook hosted RSS aggregator - may well be the program that is most valuable to me day to day. I leave it running on my work PC 24/7 so that it synchronises with Exchange and I can reed my feeds from anywhere. This is less than ideal so I was delighted to read in Greg Reinacker's weblog that DINO (the NewsGator Enterprise Server)is in beta.

Imagine NewsGator Online, picked up and installed on a server behind a corporate firewall. Imagine it also (optionally) connecting with Active Directory and Exchange server. No longer would a system administrator need to go install NewsGator Outlook edition on 3000 desktops; rather, with Dino, they could install a single server, make some configuration choices, and employees will just get 'more stuff' somewhere in their Exchange mailbox without having to install anything on their own machines. Outlook; Outlook Web Access; Blackberry; Exchange ActiveSync; all of this is enabled by the Dino/Exchange integration.

I certainly can imagine. Anticipated v1 ship date is in early Q3. We will be licensing it on day one. Maybe it can give us the last push we need to persuade our clients about RSS in the enterprise.

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