Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mad Frank

I drove past the Revolution in Clapham on Sunday. It's a bar I've only ever been to once, and that was a couple of years ago. Back in 2003 when we went there we just missed one of the most bizarre events I have ever heard of: Speed Dating with Mad Frankie Faser.

I would love to have collected a poster or ad for it, but I have dug up a listing from Google that proves I am not hallucinating. Click here.

Now Speed Dating with Darren Day, the UK's foremost B list show biz love rat, I could possibly understand, but "Mad" Frank? Over forty years behind bars and a night spent in every prison in the country seems odd preparation for playing Cupid.

For those who may not have heard of Frankie Frasier, I have discovered that he has a website www.madfrankiefraser.co.uk. It doesn't seem to have been updated for a couple of years, but it does contain some nuggets. "Frankie has worked on an album with rap star Tricky called 'Product Of The Environment'. It also features other gangland figures of the sixties including Charlie Richardson, Jack Adams, Tony Lambrianou, Tommy Wisbey and Freddie Foreman. It is now available on The Durban Poison Label".

The Guardian reviewed the site back in 2002.

By way of marking an unlikely marriage between traditional thinking and modern technology, we are pleased to install www.madfrankiefraser.co.uk as website of the month.

"Dubbed the most dangerous man in Britain by two home secretaries," the home page announces, "here Frankie Fraser gives an insight into the life of a top gangster. Hear about his exploits with the Richardsons and the Krays and tales of murder, extortion and torture.

Enchanting as it all sounds, even more enticing are the forays into political analysis.

Under the section Mad Frank: A Not So Mad Viewpoint, the man who pioneered anaesthetic-free dentistry before Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man emerges as a bafflingly underrated social commentator.

"Why is the quality of life for the ordinary citizens of this country not reflected in the modern technological advances that make the quality of life so much better or people in other developed countries?" asks Frank.

"To find the answer does not require a complicated intellectual cause and effect interpretation."
How about a "Gangland Tour"?

First Stop is Charlie and Eddie Richardson's scrap metal yard.
Elmington Estate where the 'Great Train Robbery' was planned.
Turnmills the place where Frank was shot in 1991.
Where they Krays lived when they were arrested
The place where Jack 'The Hat' was murdered.
York hall and a tour of the Repton Boxing Club.
The street where the Krays lived as boys.
The London hospital Whitechapel ...a story in regards to Eric Mason.
The pub 'The Blind Begger', and a stop for a drink and sandwiches.
The pub 'The Grave Maurice' where Ronnie, Reggie and Frank used to meet up for their private chats.
And then back to Browning Street.

"The Cardiff Mob" loved it, according to their thank you note.

Hi Frank, Just to say thanks for a great day, we really enjoyed the tour and meeting you was even better than we thought. Thanks for the signed photo of yourself and Reggie Kray, it's now framed on our wall! Hope to come again on another birthday.

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