Monday, June 27, 2005

Piles of Poles

According to the magazine with Saturday's Times,"London is one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities - with the food to prove it. Jenny Linford's guide lifts the lid on a melting pot". She says:

Finchley used to be very Japanese, but the Japanese have now moved out to Acton. I went to check up on an Iranian food shop there, and there was a sign up in Polish. I went in, and half the shop has now become Polish, full of cabbage and sausages and pickled herring. That�s been a big change, that sort of compromise.
Everywhere is becoming Polish as far as I can tell. The finest example I have come across is that the Pakistani grocer in our High Street sells curry powder imported from Poland!

The fourth edition of Food Lovers� London by Jenny Linford is published by Metro Publications on July 23 and is available from Books First priced �7.64 (RRP �8.99) plus 99p p&p on 0870 1608080. I will try and remember to invest in a copy.

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