Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ebay Bargain

A radio presenter who flirted on air with Jodie Marsh has paid a terrible price. Kerrang 105.2's Tim Shaw told the glamour model that he'd leave his wife and children for her, little suspecting that his wife, Hayley, was listening. In revenge she sold Shaw's �25,000 Lotus Esprit Turbo for 50p on eBay.

The description read: 'I need to get rid of this car immediately - ideally in the next two to three hours before my husband gets home to find it gone and all his belongings in the street.' Hayley, 27, told The Birmingham Post:

'He was all over her during the interview. It was pathetic. The car is his pride and joy, but the idiot put my name on the logbook. I am sick of being disrespected.' A Kerrang spokesman said Shaw was 'gutted'.
Times Online via Normblog.

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