Sunday, June 26, 2005

New Zealand 21-3 Lions

We don't subscribe to Sky Sports, so I would have had to go down to the pub to watch the Lions play the All Blacks on Saturday morning.

Regarding the odds of me watching a rugby game in a boozer without drinking, "it is difficult to be precise, Captain: I should say approximately 7824.7 to one", so rather than write off a Saturday I had to pass.

From what I have heard, I am certainly glad that I did. Surely after this spanking, and with Brian O'Driscoll injured Gavin Henson must get a start in the next Test?

(I haven't always avoided beer for breakfast watching sport in a pub, nearly ten years ago my brother John and I watched an England Euro 96 soccer game in a bar in New Orleans' Irish Channel. An afternoon match in Blighty translated to a very early kick off in the Big Easy. My recollections of the rest of the day are, to say the least, hazy which is probably a good thing.)

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