Monday, June 13, 2005

Ruby Banner

From today, Jane's designs are available at a a jeweller called Oi, in Portobello Road in Notting Hill, as well as from Craft Connection in Abbey Mills.

I wrote some copy for the new display:

Beads have been used throughout the ages and in virtually every culture.

They have been fashioned in an almost limitless variety of colours, shapes and patterns from a huge range of materials, and they can be combined and recombined in endless configurations.

At Ruby Banner we take these beads and reset them in exclusive modern designs that remake them for the future while respecting the past.

The latest silver and pearl designs are inspired by Arabia; by the people, the landscape, and the culture. And spiced up in the souks - the markets where we bargained and bartered.

The pieces include

  • the Silver Seven necklace: chiming blue and pink agate
  • the DaSilva necklace: objects of power
  • the Huddle Collection: mixed beads and real pearls that move with you
  • the Two Tier Twinkle necklace: large and small pearls offset
  • the Leather Strand necklace: stunning and very unusual.
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