Monday, June 05, 2023

Who said I didn't kill anyone?

Peter Hitchens Yesterday

Steel yourself for a drama of pure nostalgia

Why do people bore on about the sweary, repetitive incomprehensible TV drama Succession? The only good thing about it is the opening title sequence. I gave it up months ago.

Try instead, on the BBC iPlayer, a clever and subtle police series Steeltown Murders, starring the always-interesting Philip Glenister.

It is especially enthralling because it portrays events in 1973, as seen by veteran police officers 30 years later in 2003, so it portrays two layers of the past, both of which I remember.

How little we know about what is to come. I especially loved the sign outside the busy mine, proclaiming coal as the ‘fuel of the future’ and the British Rail diesel engines nosing by, pulling mile-long coal trains. Pure nostalgia.

The last episode of Mia's breakout TV drama is on BBC1 at 9pm tonight and it is now officially better than Succession!

Succession is the Gold Standard of Television writing.  It's not only one of the best Drama shows currently on TV but can also be considered amongst the greatest shows of all-time for the Class Audience!  Be it the writing, acting, storytelling, character development - everything about this series is PERFECTION. Not a single bad episode in the whole series & the best thing was how every episode contributed to the show’s story which is utterly gripping & entertaining to its core. 

Still ain't as good as what my niece was in is it numb nuts?! Hashtag #ProudUncle

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