Sunday, June 25, 2023

Wilson Road

It was a relief to see Mum in Ty Gwyn yesterday after all the time she had spent in hospital. Something as small, for all that she was in a wheelchair, as sitting in the garden with coffee and cake was like the lap of luxury. John came with me and Anne-Marie arrived shortly after us and we talked about her growing up in Ely.

John and I drove there afterwards. If you head down east along Archer Road from outside our maternal grandparents' place and turn left at the roundabout you will be in Wilson Street. The second right then will be Snowden Road, where Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15,  were killed in May when they crashed while riding an electric bicycle through the suburb after having been followed by a police van.

I imagine the picture shows where the fatal collision happened.  The park gates a little further up are where most of the memorial decorations are fixed. I didn't want to photograph that as people were still laying wreaths and I thought I would be intruding.

Three or four hundred from the lamppost, south down Wilson Road, is the primary school where mum taught a class of 60. Five hundred yards further down the road and over the junction with Cowbridge Road is the St Francis of Assisi Church. If the residents of Ely aren't our people who are?

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