Sunday, June 04, 2023


On the way out of the Senate House of the University of London, heading to Malet Street you are released first onto a courtyard which in turn leads onto the street. At the gate there is a small (maybe an inch and a half) step that leads up to the road. If you have been in a conference all day and are catching up with messages, you will miss the sodding thing, fall arse over tit and crack the corner of the screen on you new phone. You know, the one you have only had since last Friday since you cracked the screen of the last one!

John my brother recommends getting a screen protector for the new Pixel 6a to stop things getting worse: for example.

There's a Timpson's in the big Sainsburys by the office though, so it had occurred that I could get them to replace the screen on the old 4a.  That way, if the 6a ever went into remission I could just swap SIM cards and go back to the old phone while the new one was repaired and stay online and accessible all the time.

What do we think?

Prodnose: Is this a philosophical thought experiment like Philippa Foot's Trolley Problem or Nick Bostrom's Paperclip Maximiser?

Myself: No. It is genuinely the type of thing I ponder of a weekend.

Prodnose: God give me strength!

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