Tuesday, June 13, 2023

More running in the family

John and I went to Central to see Mia and BA (Hons) Acting cohort in a Pinter double bill on Saturday; Party Time / Celebration.

She was in Party Time: a scathing and amusing attack on the increasingly powerful and narcissistic super rich, set against the backdrop of terrifying state oppression.

It was paired with Pinter’s final work, Celebration, a delicious comedy about the vulgarity and materialism of the nouveau riche, bur we didn't see that as she was only in Party Time so we sneaked out before the second one, but she and all the cast were certainly good in the first.

Peter directed a Pinter double bill 'Landscape and Silence' in New York's Lincoln Center's Forum Theater, as long ago as 1970; fifty plus years ago, so we as a family have got form with this sort of thing,

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