Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Among the new limericks

There once was a club for queer comedy

That Adrian gigged as a wannabe

He brought his friend Nick

Who was thicker than thick

And thought all the gays were just friendily

After letting him down several times as he hadn't given me enough notice, I got a week's for last night's stand-up gig. (You have to admire someone with the fortitude to harangue an audience via voice prosthesis after a laryngectomy.) That is how your roving reporter was sitting in row three at the Queer Comedy Club last supporting Adrian and sitting through the other acts. He was on first in the second half, and I thought he was pretty good. As for a lot of the others, I had no idea what they were talking about. It must be very different, gay culture. I got a message from Steve about something else during the show and replied between acts:

I am supporting Adrian at the queer comedy night. I understood precisely nothing that was said by the last act although he appeared to go down well.

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