Wednesday, March 29, 2023

institutionally misogynistic


Met Police boss defends his £200k-a-year HR chief accused of overseeing failings
Clare Davies has the ‘full support’ of Mark Rowley after whistleblowers claimed she was ‘hopelessly out of her depth’

A whistleblower and several senior sources told The Telegraph that Ms Davies could not escape responsibility for many of the Met’s structural problems, with one describing her as “hopelessly out of her depth” and another saying she was “a toxic senior leader”.

I know, or perhaps more accurately knew, Clare Davies years ago when we worked on the SPIKE project at Surrey Police and hold her in very high regard.

I read, therefore, the cowardly hatchet job in the Torygraph with more attention then I otherwise would have. The 'whistleblower and several senior sources' anonymously sticking it to her are ball-less wonders casting around for scapegoats as their ship goes down.

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