Sunday, March 12, 2023

Hanging out

Pushed further into isolation by the pandemic, we’re all losing the ability to engage in what I view as the pinnacle of human interaction: sitting around with friends and talking shit. I agree with Liming that no one is down to hang out anymore, and agree with her that it’s a “quiet catastrophe.”
I agree, so today will be devoted to hanging out. (The Case for Hanging Out.) I will go round to Helen's, pick up the rose tree in the pot, then hang out with her Mat and their son for a bit. After that I will drive it over to Peter's in Hammersmith and hang out with him in the supermarket and the coffee shop. Post PG I head to the gym for a cardio session but still make eye contact with the other regulars. Thence to the Standard to hang out watching the Six Nations rugby. 

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