Thursday, March 02, 2023

Waterloo Sunset

I went to the theatre the night before last for the 4th time in 19 days. Too much even for me. I could have sworn I had bought tickets for the 28th of March not February. Luckily for me there are people on the team who can read an interpret dates (astrologers I think they are called) and can remember them (savants, I think is the technical term.) 

I made it on time in the end, for all that I probably wasn't reminded until after the actors got their first call. 

As for the play: The audience went bananas at the end, but I thought it was crass. Writing as slumming; affected empathy for the good people of Splott while presenting them as knuckle-dragging ne'er-do-wells. As for the direction; acting at the service of the lighting and sound design when it should be the other way round. It goes on to the Sherman in April I think.

A bump in the road for the Cardiff Renaissance, after the high-point-joy of "Trouble in Butetown" last week.

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