Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Convento Santa María de Jesús

Being an earlier riser than the Bomber (isn't everyone? Ed.) when we were in Seville I was out flaneuring of a morning while he was still catching up with his zzzzzz's.

The first day I came out of the Hotel Abonico and turned left. A hundred yards down C. Águilas behind a nondescript door in a blank wall was this:

Whoosh, here becomes now. Britain would look like this if it wasn't for the Reformation. I have checked it out since I am back home. Google Maps says it is the Convento Santa María de Jesús see

I can't find anything about it in English, and it isn't in the DK Guide to Seville Helen lent us. Here's a Spanish video.

If we ever go back I will buy cakes and pastries from the nuns. All of this colour and life goes on behind what looks like a warehouse wall.

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