Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Now ole man Wordsworth, so they say
‘E liked to roam the ‘ills,
Wiv ‘is butterfly net an’ ‘is botany book,
An’ a sixpenny packet o’ Wills.
An’ when e’ come ‘ome in the twilight,
You’d ‘ear is missus cry:
“Now Willie, me lad, where the ‘ell ‘a you bin?”
And Willie’ e’d reply:

“I’ve been looking for daisies:
A daisy drives me wild,
An’ whenever I see a primrose
I giggle just like a child.”
Then ‘is wife says, “Chuck yer kiddin’,
I can’t swaller that stuff –
The only daisy that tickles you
Is a bit o’ mountain fluff.”

 One night ‘e come ‘ome extra late
Wiv ‘is eyes all glowin’ bright
An’ is wife says, “Where you bin to, mate,
T’ come ‘ome this time o’ night?”
An’ Will ‘e answers ‘er promptly,
“I’m nearly orf me ‘ead,
For I’ve found another new kind o’ bird” –
But ‘is missus ups and said:

 “You an’ yer bloomin’ daisies,
An’ yer different kind o’ bird,
Is about the fishiest story
Wot ever I ‘ave ‘eard,
‘Op off, then, back to yer ‘ill-tops
An’ yer innocent nature-stuff –
An’ I’ll warrant the bird that sings to you
Is a bit o’ mountain fluff.”

In Wordsworth's Footsteps: Radio 4.

Wordsworth and the Romantics: Gresham College

Radical Wordsworth: The Poet Who Changed the World is this month's audible credit purchase.

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