Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Outlaw

Torygraph (behind paywall)

The Catholic Church denounced The Outlaw and lobbied against its release. Production Code enforcers denied the film a certificate of approval, prompting a legal battle in numerous state courts.

One Californian judge famously quipped that Russell’s breasts “hung over the picture like a thunderstorm over a landscape. They were everywhere”. The film had a limited release in 1946 – when the Catholic Church excommunicated anyone who saw it – and did not gain a national release until 1950, and only then after 136 “lurid” close-ups of Russell were reportedly removed.

This same film was on BBC at ten past ten this morning. Fill your boots at

Mum laughed like a drain about this earlier today and it lead to an hilarious series of stories and memories about confession. I for one thank Howard Hughes just for that.

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