Friday, June 25, 2021

This is the very essence of the way of the Samurai

 Now that I am sixty I think that I may be on the brink of a breakthrough in my practice. 

Mushin (無心) is the essence of Zen. It is a state in which the mind is not fixed on or occupied by any thought or emotion.

This pure state, this pure mental clarity, is produced by the absence of the ego or limited self.

For myself I translate 無心 as "absent-mind." As I enter my seventh decade I find the state of absent-mindedness has become more, and more easily, accessible.

Where did I put my keys?

What have I come upstairs looking for?

Who is this person at the front door and what does she want?

I just stand there. "When the swordsman stands against his opponent, he is not to think of the opponent, nor of himself, nor of his enemy's sword movements. He just stands there with his sword forgetful of all technique. He has effaced himself as the wielder of the sword. When he strikes, it is not the man but the sword in his hand that strikes."

What were we talking about again?

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