Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Cardiff's Joe Cordina

As of June 4th, Cardiff and Wales have their latest boxing world champion. Joe Cordina stopped Kenichi Ogawa in the second round with a stunning right hand to win the IBF super-featherweight strap. 

According to his Wikipedia page he is 5 ft 9 in tall, about the same as me. The super-featherweight limit is 130 pounds. I was 13 st 2 on the bathroom scales this morning. That is 184 pounds, so I am 42% more than his fighting weight.

If, hypothetically,  someone was to take out a bouncer with one right-handed punch along the lines of Cordina's above he would probably be barred from all the clubs for whom the firm who employed the victim look after the doors.

Prodnose: This is one of these secret message things I suppose, intelligible to a select coterie, possibly resonant for you when revisited in some tranquil future, yet opaque to the great unwashed, and breaching no confidentiality agreements?

Myself (insufferably): You're repeating yourself, and it's not for the first time.

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