Sunday, June 19, 2022

Fathers' Day

What was it you used to say Dad?  "Money is like manure; pile it up - it does nothing but stink, spread it around though and it encourages young things to grow.”

Anyway, I dropped a few hundred quid on a tenor sax for Paul and Jenny's daughter Emily yesterday. Had been talking to her on the bandstand at the Mills over the Bank Holiday when she expressed an interest in moving on from her (already accomplished) flute to saxophone.  Also she subsequently endeared herself to me by taking my side against her mother in a discussion of the EmMaj9 "James Bond" chord.

Put my hand in my pocket as a tribute to you John Patrick Browne, you cantankerous old bugger. While the rest of the world is wondering why I, a man with a 60+ Oyster Card, am showering gifts on a teenage girl, you will be looking down on me from heaven and smiling.

And that is all that matters.

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