Tuesday, June 21, 2022

To Kill a Mockingbird

 As I pulled up outside the house yesterday, Lee and Vera were coming of the place opposite. They told me that they were off to the theatre in Hammersmith. (I didn't catch if it was the Riverside or the Lyric.) I said that I myself was off to see To Kill A Mockingbird at the Gielgud Theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue.  When I got there it struck me that the Giegud, the Apollo, and the Lyric are practically adjacent and that having seen Get Up Stand Up! in February and Jerusalem last week I have ticked off the current productions at all three. Maybe PG is right about the Wood being a hotbed of arts enthusiasts.

To Kill A Mockingbird was great, just as John and Lorraine said when they saw it in March, something Andy and Ollie also confirmed. More confirmation that my friends and family are practically keeping the West End afloat on their own.

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