Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The missing links

Surrey Rugby have got a new website for this season.

The Ruts U15As League 1 fixtures are on (deep breath) -

And the table is on -

For the U15Bs the League 4 fixtures and table respectively are on

(The matches don't seem to be coming up for the Bs yet though.)

Inspired by this I took a look at last season's U14 results in the Sussex leagues on

Worthing came second in division 1 last season winning all their games except a draw with Jersey and a fourteen to five draw with Brighton. That makes our four tries to two win last Sunday look like a good early season indicator, and sets up our away friendly in Brighton on November 1, nicely.

( I also need to store up https://gms.rfu.com/Gateway/CompetitionDetail.aspx?GroupID=9686 so I can check up how this year's league opponents got on in 2014/15).

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