Sunday, September 06, 2015

Be careful what you wish for

I blogged earlier this week that was the link needed to watch BBC2 Wales last night on a browser to get the Wales Italy game live on the iPlayer.

This link won't work on the apps you get on other things like the iPad or Amazon Fire Stick but I have discovered that on them that if you go to settings and change your location to Wales you get BBC2 Wales by default when you watch live. This would have been a handy thing to have discovered a long time ago for all sorts of coverage we can't get in Sarf Lahndan, and worked a treat at 5pm last night.

Now that the smoke has cleared, and with Webb and Halfpenny as casualties I almost wish I hadn'r seen the game. That said I have stumped up my £6.99 this morning to Sky Now so I can get the Wales Israel footie tonight.

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