Saturday, September 19, 2015


PropMarcos AyerzaArgentina
HookerAgustin CreevyArgentina
PropNahuel Tetaz ChaparroArgentina
LockGeoff ParlingEngland
LockKonstantin MikautadzeGeorgia
Loose ForwardSam WarburtonWales
Loose ForwardJustin TipuricWales
Loose ForwardKieran ReadNew Zealand
ScrumhalfGareth DaviesWales
FlyhalfDaniel CarterNew Zealand
Outside BackSimon ZeboIreland
CentreJonathan JosephEngland
CentreVereniki GonevaFiji
Outside BackJonny MayEngland
Outside BackMike BrownEngland
Here is my starting 15 for round 1 of the Ruts World Cup Fantasy Rugby competition. I am second with 64 points after the England Fiji game last night, and Konstantin Mikautadze gives me an interest in the Tonga v Geogia game that just kicked off.

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