Monday, June 08, 2015

United Passions

Gérard Depardieu, Sam Neill and Tim Roth trace the history of the FIFA World Cup in United Passions. Discover the exclusive trailer!

Tim Roth plays Seb Blatter. This really is beyond parody.
Even bad publicity is usually good publicity — except in the case of the FIFA-financed film United Passions, which was quickly red-carded at the U.S. box office this weekend.
Writer-director Frederic Auburtin's film beyond bombed in its limited debut in 10 theaters, earning a measly $607 on Friday and Saturday, according to those with access to Rentrak figures. The FilmBar theater in downtown Phoenix reported a gross of just $9, meaning only one person bought a ticket to see United Passions, which details the history of the now-embattled FIFA.

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