Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bodean's Balham

Back in the day Balham was Peter Sellers’ Gateway to the South, a national joke coined by a comedy legend. Today the good folks of Balham have the last laugh as South London’s chuckle central is a mecca for laughter-lovers, hipsters and — hallelujah, mama! — Connoisseurs of the finest BBQ and rare beers, Bourbons and sipping whiskies to be found this side of the Atlantic divide.
Loud and proud on Balham’s main drag, Bodean’s corner site bar and BBQ is a local landmark on the highway to the stars. Whether you’ve come to worship the ultimate Kansas City BBQ or sit at our elegant U-bar sampling our selection of prime Stateside ales and rare liquors, you know you’ve come home to good times.

Do you fancy Bodean's if you come up on Friday night before the 4 July Crawfish Boil? Google Maps says we will be there fifteen minutes and two Northern Line tube stops after leaving my house.

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