Sunday, June 21, 2015

Grandma look! I'm doing Kylie bum!

I am off with a bunch of people to see Kylie Minogue at Hyde Park later. I am very far from sure how and why I signed up for this.

Needs must when the devil drives, but it has at least dislodged a memory. Ms Minogue's "Spinning Around" was released in June 2000 and the Bomber was born in September.

He seems to have been precociously influenced by the video. I have a clear, clear memory of him as a toddler thrusting out his gyrating backside while rubbing both buttocks lasciviously glancing back over his shoulder shouting, "Look, Grandma look! I'm doing Kylie bum! I'm doing Kylie bum!"

How proud of him she must have been, and what I wouldn't give to have immortalised that on video tape.

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