Monday, June 29, 2015

The New Bermondsey

Colliers Wood could become a beer brewing hub if plans for a pub micro-brewery are given the go-ahead.
The William Morris Pub in Merton Abbey Mills has applied to be extended and install brewing equipment for a micro-brewery not far from a new brewery which is currently being built.
A micro-brewery typically produces small quantities of beer, usually for consumption on the premises where it is based.
It is thought the new brewery would produce a local beer, like its soon-to-be-neighbour the Wimbledon Brewery.
Mark Gordon who is setting up the Wimbledon Brewery in Prince Georges Road, Colliers Wood has welcomed the plans as his own brewery takes shape.
Kevin G told me about this yesterday. I had vaguely heard of it but thought I had  it mixed up with the Wimbledon Brewery.

You can get the skinny on the application here. It looks like they will be taking over the empty Mamma Rosa restaurant. It is all good as far as I am concerned but then again I just work here, rather than living in the flats.

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