Sunday, July 05, 2009

National Fishing Week

The Bomber and I fished the Wandle yesterday. We saw a lot of fish (including a giant carp) even if we didn't catch any.

I always thought of angling as rather a solitary pastime, but yesterday was very social. All sorts of passersby stopped to shoot the breeze, ask how we were doing and tell their own stories of rod and reel.

(It seems we just missed National Fishing Week - )


Duncan said...

Nick - Sorry you didn't catch anything. If you fancy some pointers and hanging out with some friendly fisherfolk, come and join us at the Wandle Piscators ( We're a mixed bunch of coarse and fly fishermen and have had some whopping trout, barbel and carp out of the Wandle over the last year. We do lots of other stuff too, like messing around in the river installing flow deflectors and things to make it all the more fishy...
You'd be very welcome.

Nick Browne said...
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Nick Browne said...

Thanks Duncan. We will take you up on that soon. With another hat on, I am one of the sponsors of AbbeyFest. We watch the jazz on Fridays from the walkway between the Apprentice shop and the Commonwealth cafe. Come along, introduce yourself and have a drink on us.