Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another list

the worst are full of passionate intensity.
Lord Mandelson (see rants passim) now sits on the following Cabinet committees:
  • National Economic Council
  • Better Regulation
  • Democratic Renewal Council
  • Domestic Policy Council (which he deputy chairs)
  • Domestic Affairs
  • Borders and Migration
  • Communities and Equalities
  • Food
  • Families, Children and Young People
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Justice and Crime
  • Local Government and the Regions (which he chairs)
  • Public Engagement and the Delivery of Services
  • Life Chances
  • Talent and Enterprise
  • Economic Development
  • Environment and Energy
  • Housing, Planning and Regeneration
  • Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Productivity, Skills and Employment
  • Constitution
  • National Security, International Relations and Development
  • Europe
  • Overseas and Defence
  • Africa
  • Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Trade
  • Protective Security and Resilience
  • Public Services and Public Expenditure
  • Public Sector Pay and Pensions
  • Pandemic Influenza Planning
  • Post Office Network (which he chairs)
  • Flood planning
  • PM's ad hoc Committee on International Climate Change
  • PM's ad hoc International Climate Change Negotiations

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a spooky man.