Friday, July 03, 2009

1st Mon

The Bomber got his first mon grading at judo last night and is a pleased as punch.

I was shooting the breeze with Darren while Ben was getting changed, and asked him why there was a Brazilian flag on the wall of the dojo. He said that the club had some sort of relationship with a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club and that he'd been training in BJJ himself that morning.

There's really a lot of cross discipline work going on. He told me that one of the seniors is boxing at the Roger Gracie Vie Academy as well as doing judo. That's the same place where Johnny - Ben's Kru - is the muay Thai instructor.

Round and round and round it goes.

Prodnose: Goodness me, there's a lot of testosterone in here today.
Myself: I guess so. Did I tell you that Adam is fighting in Thailand on Saturday?


John said...

Mon were the people who first spreade Buddhism in Thailand.

Nick Browne said...

Fancy that! It is also the Japanses word for gate I think.

Nick Browne said...

Adam stopped his guy in the third. "Big heart."

Hurt his hand though and is having an X-ray.