Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Voice in my head

The New Ninja Bomber, having come over all poorly, had to be collected yesterday lunchtime, so I decided to work from home for the afternoon while he convalesced.

On presenting myself at the school office to pick him up I was astonished when the lady working there outed herself as a reader of this blog. She initially stumbled upon it while googling "Surrey Strings" and coming across my references.

"I hope you won't feel that I'm stalking you", she said before broaching the topic, which seems like a strange thing to say but is exactly what I felt after learning so much about Simon Crane from the Internet Movie DataBase after his sister mentioned him in passing. (I remember feeling that I might appear to be some sort of freak if I started demonstrating an encyclopedic knowledge of his career to members of his family even if all it took was two minutes on the internet to acquire the information.)

It seems like these scribblings inexorably become more and more significant a part of the face that I present to the world. There are strange and new privacy barriers to be negotiated. Interesting but not a little scary.

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