Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Baps, Cobs and Bakestones

As I've brought the New Ninja Bomber back to Wales for a few days over half term to see the family, I had bacon baps and coffee for breakfast. A bacon bap is the same thing as a bacon roll only better because it has a different name.

For lunch I would like to have a cheese and onion cob. A cheese and onion cob is the same thing as a cheese and onion roll, though it should strictly be aged for a few days in clingfilm behind the bar in order to render the cheese appropriately rubbery. (Was it only me who felt a strange complusion to bite Stadler erasers in school? You remember, the posh rubbers with the blue edged cardboard wrappers.)

For tea, bakestones rather than scones.

That clear?


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