Monday, May 14, 2007

Raw Tsars

I took my little boy to the Star Wars exhibition in County Hall yesterday. We both found it somewhat underwhelming frankly.

First off the bat, the signage made it difficult to find, which is discouraging, to say the least, in the pouring rain. And once we made it to the exhibition itself, a lot of the props on display were rather on the prosaic side.

"What exactly 's 'posed to be int'restin' 'bout this chair?" asked Ben about some throne or other. I silently agreed that it was less than fascinating, but didn't own up because the memory of the entry fee was still fresh.

We're blessed with a lot of parks and bike routes in my neck of the woods, so early in the evening I agreed that the new ninja bomber could cycle the two or three miles back to his mum's with me riding shotgun. It only seems like yesterday that he learned to ride at all.

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