Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pschorr 'Nuff

Not being exactly spoiled for choice - as far as I can tell - when it comes to German restaurants, the profit burglar and I rolled up at The Bavarian Beerhouse last night, for the latest installment of our campaign to eat our way around the world in London.

Subtlety is not the watchword at this Teutonic Hooters, but we raised steins of Hacker Pschorr, toasted the Bavarian Pope, and set to work.

I had the Special Bavarian Beerhouse "Wurstplatte" - Sausage Platter: Spiral sausage (Bratwurst Schnecke), Merguez(!) spicy sausage, Cheese cracker Sausage (Kaeseknacker) served with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and mustard.

Paul had J├Ąger Schnitzel: ‘Hunter Style’ Pork Escalope topped with a creamy mushroom sauce served with french fries and a mixed salad.

Desserts were demurred in favour of more ale, choice inspired by Maturin's recommendation of wheat beer to me when we were putting the final touches to our triathlon preparations in Holt's Tollgate Inn earlier this month.

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